Do you think of making an art historical tour? Do you want to know more about art history? Do you think of taking art-history classes? Don’t you know where to start in a museum? Do you want to use your time in Holland - and the Dutch museums - efficient, but pleasantly?

LIA – Lady In Art loves to share her passion for art and culture and offers you a tailor-made solution.  The cultural concepts like a tour, lecture, course or text are the means. The goal is to come to a solution that fits your needs.   

My name is Duttje Huitema. From a background in tourism I started to study Art history on a later age and graduated as a Master (Drs.) in 2011. My research covered the provenance and iconography of two specific Flemish tapestries in early Renaissance. One year later -  in 2012 - I graduated in Art Education (MA) from the University of Leiden. In the same year I started my own company, LIA – Lady In Art.  My core business is to take (small and private) Dutch and foreign groups on tours to cities and museums.